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Presbyopia – tips to prevent or improve

Dr. Rosenfarb talks about Presbyopia on the Dr. Oz show


Presbyopia is the gradual loss of our eyes ability to focus on objects that near us. This is a natural occurrence for most people who are starting to age.

When I made the decision to further my acupuncture education within the field of eye and vision health, my search for the best professional to teach me this skill led me to my colleague Andy Rosenfarb, a Naturopathic Physician and a world renowned expert who specializes in holistic eye treatments.

In this video Dr Rosenfarb discusses what can be done for Presbyopia when he was invited as a guest on the Dr. Oz show.

Here are some of the highlights (part of the transcript) from the video above.

Dr. Oz is talking about Presbyopia, an eye condition that is most common with aging, where you gradually lose the ability to focus on objects that are nearby.


Dr. Oz:
So I’m going to ask a world expert to come join us. I wanted to bring in a naturopathic doctor, Andy Rosenfarb. He specializes in holistic eye treatments.

I asked all my ophthalmology friends what we can do about presbyopia and the conventional wisdom is you can’t do very much. But I actually have read in some of the alternative literature, that things … things that do work. So first of all, is there anything we can really do about presbyopia that makes sense in your practice?

Andy Rosenfarb:
Well, Dr. Oz, the good news is there are things we can do. We can actually exercise the muscles of the eye because the eyes have muscles that help us focus, just like we could exercise any other muscles in our body. We can do eye exercises that can help strengthen to help us focus better.


If you want to read the whole transcript about to see what Dr. Rosenfarb is saying about Presbyopia click the link.

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